Goof Letters

Hello Goof!

I like Goof because it’s all different short stories mixed up, that you can read all at once. My favourite character is Stick Pig because he fights crime and I was lucky to meet Jim who draws Stick Pig at MaccPow! I’m really looking forward to the next issue of Goof so I can read more of Marc’s cartoon Donald Dogsbody, because it ended on a cliffhanger!

Zachary Wood age 8 | UK

Thanks, Zachary! Jim is a great cartoonist, he’s been practicing for a long time, he’s very, very old!

Hello Goof!

I thought that the comic was great, with interesting designs, funny texts to join a whole comic! It feels a little goosebumps when you’re turning the page there is a new design! A few I could enjoy just from the pictures, like Life Jacket by Jessica on Paper. The comic was fun, seeing new things and finding new stories! I like Donald Dogsbody, How to be Cool, That Little Devil and Lilly the little Lion. Great new comics!

Adelaide Shackleford age 8 | UK

Thanks, Adelaide, glad you enjoyed the comic. That’s the fun part of comics, you can even tell what they are about just looking at the great drawings!

Hello Goof!

This comic was filled with lots of amazing comics by awesome artists. I can tell that this took a lot of time to put together and make. I would recommend it to others because it had different styles of writing and drawing. I love this group of comics, it has all the things I like.

I thought that the comics were good and interesting - my favorite character was Duck from Dwarf and Duck.

Lester and Frazer Gledhill | UK

Thanks, guys. Sounds like you got the perfect GOOF! experience and yes, we love Duck too!