Goof of the month

Hi Tor! Great to have you in GOOF! Tell us a little bit about your comic Spells in the Forest.

Hello! It’s about three friends - Florence the witch, Elfis the elf, and Prince Frog the dragon (just kidding! He’s a frog) - and the things they get up to in the forest where they live.

We love the character Elfis, how did you come up with him?

Ha ha thanks! I’m proud of him! Just luck - I had an elf character, and put him in kind of a jumpsuit, and the rest followed. Plus I love Elvis, so any homage to him is good news!

How long have you been a cartoonist and how do you make your comics?

I’ve been drawing cartoons for myself since I was a child, but I’ve been making them consistently for about three years now. I started with a webcomic called Welcome to Oddleigh which I’m still making (and which is being published by Bog Eyed Books this September!) I work with pencils and then use Photoshop to do the lines and the colour.

What other comics have you created?

Welcome to Oddleigh is my main other comic, and I have also just had a strip start in the weekly stories comic, The Phoenix, called “Sigismond’s Neighbourhood”, which I am really excited about!

Tell us something GOOF-like that happened once in your life.

I was bitten by a monkey in a pet shop when I was little. But what’s even GOOFier is that my uncle was bitten by a camel, my sister by a goose, and my half-brother by a tiger - clearly we are a tasty bunch!